Our Story Began InĀ 1945

About Us

It was around 1945, the war was over and people were getting back on their feet. A few friends who shared a common interest, ART, got together and decided to share their joy, so they started painting together. The Reverend Forrest Musser from the United Congregational Church in Rockville, Connecticut was the organizational head and provided space to paint in the church basement – when they didn’t go outside.

Ethel Conrady, Mildred Lisk, Emma and Jennie Batz were some of the first painters They made up by-laws, which we continue to uphold. They held demonstrations – which are still the delight of the Club. They held art exhibits – which we still have- adding more shows to our agenda. They elected officers – as we do now and who still seem to be as determined and devoted as they were way back then, over 50 years ago.

We’ve added a few more things these days too like we have a Tuesday Open Studio at which we paint the model or still-life setup (or do your own things), as well as field trips, raffles and more!

Open Studio

The Tuesday Open Studio aka ‘Tuesday Painters’, meets every Tuesday morning 9 – 12 at the Tolland Arts Center during the cooler months, and plein air painting during the spring, summer and early autumn, except the second Tuesday of the month when we have our monthly evening demos. We have a series of events and trips throughout the year.

You can see much of what is going on by going to our ‘What’s New/Events” page and the “Newsletter” page. All in all we are a fine lot of artists who help to inspire, encourage and hold up each other. Come and join us!!